PRIMA Automotive
P405 Air diffuser and P365 reduction

The P405 air diffuser has been object of a recent restyling, with the aim to enhance its aesthetics and functionality; now actually it includes an elegant and ergonomic grip for the actioning and adjusting of the flaps, having chromed finishing and placed in the central zone (before this one was laterally).

The P405 can be rotated for 360°, the flaps can be adjusted and, finally, by a specific small wheel on the exposed surface, it’s possible to adjust or close the air flow passing.
The P405 is available with chromed or black finishing of its external ring, and it can be connected to a specific reduction (P365 article), in order to permit the connection of tubes having diameter from 45 up to 75 mm, resulting to be one of the most completed air diffusers of PRIMA range.